Lumber for the Pallet & Crate

& Packaging Industry

Woodwholesaler, Inc.

Serving the United States, Canada & Mexico

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Woodwholesaler, Inc. offers Solutions for the pallet & crate market, industrials and other areas including trucks, farms and packaging companies

Our wholesale business started it's journey almost 30 years ago. Back then, we owned a remanufacturing plant near Vancouver, BC, Canada that produced pallet components for the California market.

Now, after many years and many changes, we've grown into a company that offers everything low-grade from pallets, crates, plywood, core stock, ag sticks, stakes, fencing and so much more.

We source our products from Canada, The United States, China, South America as well as some European countries.

Woodwholesaler Solutions

If you're looking for one truck every couple of months or would like to set up a program for one or more railcars per day, Woodwholesaler is going to be there for you. We'll let you know when the market is "hot" and when things are getting "tough" out there, but we'll always have your back.

Core Products

One of the best products to have in your inventory that keeps your costs down low. Beautiful looking and cheap are good!

Lumber & Plywood

Plywood rejects are perfect when making pallet tops or crates. Different thicknesses for different projects. Lumber is a call away.

Pallet Cutstock

We source our pallet stock from re-man mills in Canada, the US and South America. Any grade, length, stamp, green or dry.

Built Pallets

We support pallet companies with loads of new or used built pallets to help them get through the busy times or when they have staff shortages.

Every business has different problems and we have a team of lumber traders trained to help you out with any solution. Make sure to call us today or request a quote and see if we're the right fit for your company!