Back From Holidays and Back To Work

Hey guys,

The last week has been quiet as I went on holidays and man… did I need that! I was getting exhausted. Building WOODWHOLESALER for the past year and launching it on top of my regular job, not to mention, being a single dad with two teenagers took a lot out of me but every second was worth it and I would do it again!

Mexico 2019
Mexico 2019

Sometimes, I just need to clear my mind of everything… and the beach is the perfect place for me to do that. The smell of the ocean air, sounds of the crashing waves and the feel of sand in my toes gives me a perspective about where things are in my life. I’m able to reflect on the important things and then, like magic, new ideas start to flood into my mind on how I can improve or change things.

Now, I’m super rested and busting at the seams, ready to take on all the new challenges that are coming after our big launch on February 14th. Part of the plan I wanted to do after getting through the main technical challenges was to start doing a daily blog on what is happening with WoodWholesaler. I want everyone to know what is going on and where things are heading. I’m also hoping to get feedback from members so I can create more options on the platform that will do things they would like to see.

One of the biggest challenges any new site has is creating a membership base.  I was recently invited to check out another lumber site that one of our members told me about. When I went to the site, it boasted that they had over 35,000 members which I thought was very impressive for a new website. As I started clicking around in their directory, I found that almost all of the members I clicked on were fake or not related to anything in the forest industry. These web builders had simply uploaded a fake list to their directory so it looked like they were much bigger than they actually were.

One of my biggest goals for WOODWHOLESALER is making our membership with integrity. I want our members to be honest and genuine. I’m willing to sacrifice making a website that anyone can sign up for free just to make it look like we have a huge membership. What actually happens is that the site fills up with overseas accounts and bad members just looking to “poach” good members. That is why I created a minimum membership fee that will only attract serious members. This creates serious members.

When I stay in Mexico, I stay at a 5 star resort. Friends ask me why pay so much for this when I can go to really cheap resorts for a lot less money. The reason I’m willing to pay the price is because not only do I get the BEST SERVICE from the employees of the resort but I also get to associate with other members who are mostly top notch great people. As a matter of fact, on this last trip, I bumped into someone who is also in the North American lumber industry (he actually lives about 2 hours away from where I live) and we connected in a big way! How cool is that?

The bottom line is we’re going to be patient and attract the best people in our industry. I also know that these people have their own circles and will attract those people as well. Be patient guys, things will grow exponentially… it will take time but it will be worth it!


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  1. Bart Charles

    Dean I would to see how this site may help our business

  2. Dean Ponak

    Hi Bart, thanks for your comment. Let’s schedule a time for 15 minutes to chat. I can over things and show you all the benefits for your business. Please email me at with your contact info and we’ll see what time fits our schedules.

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