Why WoodWholesaler Works…

I want to share a quick story of what has personally happened for me using WoodWholesaler as a client. The other day, I posted a listing that I was looking for 4×6 GDF and three amazing things happened that can and will happen to any member of WoodWholesaler.com.

  1. I got exposure of the type of product I buy to over 742 views on LinkedIn alone. This doesn’t include the views on Twitter and on Facebook.
  2. I received a number of responses and connected with three new suppliers that I’ve never spoken to before. Maybe I didn’t do business with these suppliers on this post but I have now connected, spoke with them, have their emails and their cell numbers for future business.
  3. Due to this post, even though I attracted suppliers and the listing was a REQUEST FOR QUOTE, a prospect contacted me and asked if I could quote them this same product because it is something they use all the time.

I got the deal and actually made descent profit with the deal. The point I would like to make is that the listing took me less than 5 minutes to create and post to social media sites. I gained three new suppliers, one new client, a nice sale and who knows how much more business in the future I’ll make because of this.

Do you see how powerful this is going to become? I’m one small fish in a big pond and this is the kind of power that WoodWholesaler brings to the table. I really hope you can comprehend how much this will mean to your business and bottom line. Even if you minus the sale and the client… how much is three new suppliers worth? These suppliers came to me… I didn’t have to chase after them.

If you’re still sitting on the fence with WOODWHOLESALER.COM… act now… give it a try for $1. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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How To Get Email Alerts For What You Want…

We just installed a brand new function at Woodwholesaler.com. Now, whenever you want to be alerted to a new listing with something you’re interested in, simply check off the categories you want, and you’ll receive an email each time a member lists an item in those categories. Here’s how it works…


  1. Log into your USER DASHBOARD
  2. Click on Email Alerts
  3. Enable – check the box
  4. Select which categories… ALL or individual categories
  5. Save

That’s it!

email alerts

I’ve mentioned before that it can become a real pain in the neck when getting an email alert for everything. I can promise that will happen as the site members grow. Select what you want an alert for and you’ll be reminded when the listing is live.

I’ve also noticed that this blog is becoming more popular so if you want, go ahead and forward it to outside members. I’ve included a signup form below and I’ll continue doing this on future blogs.

Next up on Woodwholesaler… we’ve begun our SEO campaign so you should now start to see more and more things on Google and other directories as we move forward. Thank you current members for being great. I appreciate your words and suggestions more than you know. Let’s now take this to the next level everyone!


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It’s Magic!

Yesterday and today, I posted a couple of new listings using the “request quote” selection. Just like magic, after I created my listings and posted them on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and LINKEDIN using the easy social media buttons, I got lots of responses.

You can do this just as easily! If you’re not sure how to list and then post to social media accounts, make sure you watch the tutorials and learn how simple it is.

There’s always a learning curve to anything you do. You’ll see within thirty minutes how easy you can list five, ten, twenty listings of products you own or what you’re currently needing to buy. These listings will give you exposure to your circle like never before. Especially once you start to add more details like images and videos. Or, if you really want to get into it, you can post entire .xml spreadsheets of your inventory in your listings. This is great for companies that carry lots of inventory and are changing on a daily schedule.

You can add your email and phone number and start having new people contacting you from places you’ve never sold. Companies that you may have been trying to connect with may now connect with you because they see what type of business you have. I’ve had this already happen dozens of times because people are watching every post that gets placed on LinkedIn.

I’m thinking of trying a new feature that will give your company an even easier option. If you would like for our company to post your inventory and products for you, would that be of interest? If so, let me know and we can discuss this and see if it’s worth while putting this function in? Send me an email at admin@woodwholesaler.com and we can explore the idea more.


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New* Request Quotes at WoodWholesaler

A few of our members have been requesting a function to REQUEST QUOTES at WoodWholesaler. I thought about it and yes, it’s pretty necessary since we as lumber wholesalers are probably sourcing products as much as we’re selling them.

Here’s how to do this. When you create a new listing, a mandatory field will now ask if the listing is an “Offer or Request For Quote?”. You simply click on the radial button of which ever it is and that’s it. A suggestion for extra effect, I would include something in the title of your listing that would suggest you’re looking for a supplier or quote.

An example of this would be like something I personally listed today… “Looking For A Supplier: 4×6-8′-12′ #2&BTR GDF”. That way, if someone is just browsing and not looking at details, they will know that you’re not selling this item and make the mistake of requesting a quote from you about this item!

Also, if you’re wanting to find all of the members that are listing REQUESTS FOR QUOTES, go to the SEARCH LISTINGS in the right sidebar and scroll down to Offer or Request For Quote?. Select Request For Quote and then click on the SEARCH LISTINGS button… this will bring up every listing that is looking for REQUESTS FOR QUOTES.

You can also use the right sidebar SEARCH LISTINGS for other specific things like specific categories.. ie. if you want to find all of the softwood listings then you would simply use the dropdown in the “Select A Category”. If you want to narrow down your search, you would select both the softwood selection and the Request for Quote radial button. This would then show only listings that are softwood AND that are requesting quotes.

I hope this makes things easier for you now!


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WoodWholesaler Tutorials Available

Hi guys,

One of the things I explained to the programmers when I designed WOODWHOLESALER.COM was that I wanted it to be simple. I wanted it to be so easy to use that even my 74 year old mother could use it without calling me and asking how to do things!

Having said that, don’t let the simple look fool you. Behind the scenes are a couple of powerful databases that turn WOODWHOLESALER into a powerful machine. So how can you make the most of the website? One of the things you need to do is familiarize yourself with the tutorials. They can be found on the tutorial page here. I realize people are busy so I tried to make them short and to the point… an example is here below…

check out the other videos in the tutorials and make sure you check back for when new tutorials are posted. I’ll probably put the new videos in a blog like this one so you’ll see them fresh when they get made.

On another note, I hired a new media company today that will be doing our SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I’ve done SEO in the past by myself but it’s basically a full time job to do this and I just don’t have that kind of time right now. It’s now time to really start growing WOODWHOLESALER.COM organically while new members join. The next part of the plan will be paid advertising and that’s when things will really start kicking in.

I’ll keep you posted as we keep building and growing and coming up with new ideas. We’ve been getting excellent feedback so far and please keep sending your ideas my way as they are so important and we listen to all of them. I hope you enjoy the tutorials and we’ll talk to you soon!


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New Feature Being Built Right Now!

Hi guys,

I’ve just finished discussions with our programmer and we’re custom building an EMAIL NOTIFICATION system for our members. How will this work? Members will be notified when there are new listings posted. As we grow the platform, there will be more and more notifications and we don’t want this to drive everyone crazy every time someone lists so we’re going to allow members to decide on the frequency of how often they receive these notifications.

email notificationI also asked the programmer to give members a choice of what kind of emails they’ll receive. For example, if the listing is for SOFTWOOD and you’re a HARDWOOD wholesaler, you’re probably not going to be excited about getting an alert about softwood. This is another reason why it’s so important that when you list, make sure you decide what CATEGORY your listing is about and select the appropriate category.

The other reason I wanted to create an alert system is because I know how easy it is to forget about websites (no matter how good they are) and this notification will hopefully remind our inactive members that it would be a good idea to start posting their listings as well! In other words, WAKE UP!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used services (both free and paid) and after taking a break for a couple of weeks, completely forgot about that particular website. I want WOODWHOLESALER to be the go-to site for North American Forest companies. We need to constantly be reminding our current members about our services while building more and more members so they can use this awesome service as well.

This is going to be the first custom add-on since we launched WOODWHOLESALER last month. I want everyone to know that this is the FIRST of many more ideas to come. As we gain more members and more income, we’ll be able to afford implementing the more expensive custom projects… trust me, this is going to be a very unique, incredible site in the future and right now, you’re in on the ground floor and have front row seats to see how this will grow and change in the near future. I know I keep harping on this but I need your input and feedback on how we’re doing. Give me suggestions of what you would like to see in future editions of WOODWHOLESALER.COM.


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Where To Start on WoodWholesaler

One of the first things you’ll want to do after joining WoodWholesaler and creating your membership, is to click on the USER DASHBOARD and create your first listing. Now most of the time so far, I’ve seen members posting a product right away but I recommend that you first create a listing about you and your company.

blog example

Step 1 – Click on Add New Listing. Your first choice is Category and you’ll want to select something that will describe what your company is all about. For example, if you’re a trucking company that hauls lumber then you will want to select FREIGHT. If you’re a lumber mill then select SAWMILLS, if you’re a remanufacturer then select SECONDARY MANUFACTURERS etc. If you notice in the top navigation, there is a link to CATEGORIES and this will be where you will benefit from when someone in the future is looking for your service or product.

Step 2 – The only mandatory field in the listing details is TITLE. This is where you type the name of your company.

Step 3 – Scroll down to DESCRIPTION and type whatever you would like to describe your company. Say a little, say a lot.. there is  no right or wrong way.

Step 4 – Contact Details. Here it’s pretty self explanatory. If you do have more than one office or mill, it’s best to put in the head office here and then if you want, create other listings for your other mills or offices.

Step 5 – Make sure if you have a company website to fill the entire url in here. Remember, any links are good for your business so if you can get people to click from this listing to your home page on your website or your product page which may even be a better choice!

Step 6 – Finally, upload your company logo in the images. If you have other images of yourself or main products or services, upload those as well.

That’s it. You’ve now created your first listing and more importantly, exposure about who you are and what your company is all about. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and put a comment below and I’ll be sure to answer your questions.



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Figuring Out Social Media For Your Business

Hey guys,

I’ve spent many years reading about the importance of Social media for business. The most important thing that I’ve found is there’s a right way to use it and a wrong way. When using Social Media for personal use, it’s very simple and easy to do but when it comes to business, it can act like a double edged sword so be careful!

Today, my goal was to continue working on this blog while getting a further outreach with WOODWHOLESALER’s Facebook and Twitter followers. I installed a program that would take this and other blog posts and automatically post them to the WoodWholesaler Facebook and Twitter accounts. (If you haven’t joined us on these platforms, please click on the links and also “like” the page as this will gain traction on these social media platforms). The reason for this was to save time re-posting information from one platform to another.


Why am I telling you this? I started to think what potential members will have when they learn about how to properly post their listings. Now you may already have a Facebook and Twitter account but is it for business or personal? If it’s for personal, than you don’t want to post your listings on your accounts because it will be the last thing that your family and friends will want to see!

However, if you understand the MASSIVE potential of Social Media then what you’re going to want to do is set up BUSINESS accounts for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (there are many more but at least start here). Even if you’re working for another company, (depending on their policies) don’t be afraid to set up new accounts that are strictly for business. Let’s say your company doesn’t allow you to do this… then set up your own business account as a Wood Wholesale or Trader or whatever your specialty is… now you have two powerful social media accounts that you can focus on business with. Start to find connections on these sites. Start following other lumber companies on Twitter… start liking and connecting with other lumber companies on Facebook. See who they’re following and then click on those people and follow them! It becomes fun but more importantly, you’ll begin to build a circle of people that are in your type of business and these are the people that you want to show your WOODWHOLESALER listings to… understand?

I hope you see the huge potential of how you can really start to reach people you never even thought of.. and why WOODWHOLESALER will help you every step of the way! What do you think about this idea I’ve shared with you? Based on what you’ve heard, what are your questions? Post below…


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Back From Holidays and Back To Work

Hey guys,

The last week has been quiet as I went on holidays and man… did I need that! I was getting exhausted. Building WOODWHOLESALER for the past year and launching it on top of my regular job, not to mention, being a single dad with two teenagers took a lot out of me but every second was worth it and I would do it again!

Mexico 2019
Mexico 2019

Sometimes, I just need to clear my mind of everything… and the beach is the perfect place for me to do that. The smell of the ocean air, sounds of the crashing waves and the feel of sand in my toes gives me a perspective about where things are in my life. I’m able to reflect on the important things and then, like magic, new ideas start to flood into my mind on how I can improve or change things.

Now, I’m super rested and busting at the seams, ready to take on all the new challenges that are coming after our big launch on February 14th. Part of the plan I wanted to do after getting through the main technical challenges was to start doing a daily blog on what is happening with WoodWholesaler. I want everyone to know what is going on and where things are heading. I’m also hoping to get feedback from members so I can create more options on the platform that will do things they would like to see.

One of the biggest challenges any new site has is creating a membership base.  I was recently invited to check out another lumber site that one of our members told me about. When I went to the site, it boasted that they had over 35,000 members which I thought was very impressive for a new website. As I started clicking around in their directory, I found that almost all of the members I clicked on were fake or not related to anything in the forest industry. These web builders had simply uploaded a fake list to their directory so it looked like they were much bigger than they actually were.

One of my biggest goals for WOODWHOLESALER is making our membership with integrity. I want our members to be honest and genuine. I’m willing to sacrifice making a website that anyone can sign up for free just to make it look like we have a huge membership. What actually happens is that the site fills up with overseas accounts and bad members just looking to “poach” good members. That is why I created a minimum membership fee that will only attract serious members. This creates serious members.

When I stay in Mexico, I stay at a 5 star resort. Friends ask me why pay so much for this when I can go to really cheap resorts for a lot less money. The reason I’m willing to pay the price is because not only do I get the BEST SERVICE from the employees of the resort but I also get to associate with other members who are mostly top notch great people. As a matter of fact, on this last trip, I bumped into someone who is also in the North American lumber industry (he actually lives about 2 hours away from where I live) and we connected in a big way! How cool is that?

The bottom line is we’re going to be patient and attract the best people in our industry. I also know that these people have their own circles and will attract those people as well. Be patient guys, things will grow exponentially… it will take time but it will be worth it!


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How To Categorize Your Listings

Categorizing your listings is very important if you want to be found more easier. As we move forward and more and more listings are posted, you’ll see how things can get lost in a hurry if you don’t stay on top of your own listings.

One of the first things I suggest you do is make a listing about your company. Make sure you categorize yourself as “Wholesalers” or Secondary Manufacturers” etc.

Then I would upload your logo and then maybe a few images of your company… fill in the description of what your company does. List all of your contact info, website link, email, etc. and then post it.

Once you have this done, then start making your product listings under their categories, like “Hardwood”, “Softwood”, etc.

Here’s an example of a listing that I made for my company… click here

Here’s an example of a listing that I made for my product… click here

I hope this shows you another angle of how you can use woodwholesaler.com

Thanks everyone,


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