Figuring Out Social Media For Your Business

Hey guys,

I’ve spent many years reading about the importance of Social media for business. The most important thing that I’ve found is there’s a right way to use it and a wrong way. When using Social Media for personal use, it’s very simple and easy to do but when it comes to business, it can act like a double edged sword so be careful!

Today, my goal was to continue working on this blog while getting a further outreach with WOODWHOLESALER’s Facebook and Twitter followers. I installed a program that would take this and other blog posts and automatically post them to the WoodWholesaler Facebook and Twitter accounts. (If you haven’t joined us on these platforms, please click on the links and also “like” the page as this will gain traction on these social media platforms). The reason for this was to save time re-posting information from one platform to another.


Why am I telling you this? I started to think what potential members will have when they learn about how to properly post their listings. Now you may already have a Facebook and Twitter account but is it for business or personal? If it’s for personal, than you don’t want to post your listings on your accounts because it will be the last thing that your family and friends will want to see!

However, if you understand the MASSIVE potential of Social Media then what you’re going to want to do is set up BUSINESS accounts for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (there are many more but at least start here). Even if you’re working for another company, (depending on their policies) don’t be afraid to set up new accounts that are strictly for business. Let’s say your company doesn’t allow you to do this… then set up your own business account as a Wood Wholesale or Trader or whatever your specialty is… now you have two powerful social media accounts that you can focus on business with. Start to find connections on these sites. Start following other lumber companies on Twitter… start liking and connecting with other lumber companies on Facebook. See who they’re following and then click on those people and follow them! It becomes fun but more importantly, you’ll begin to build a circle of people that are in your type of business and these are the people that you want to show your WOODWHOLESALER listings to… understand?

I hope you see the huge potential of how you can really start to reach people you never even thought of.. and why WOODWHOLESALER will help you every step of the way! What do you think about this idea I’ve shared with you? Based on what you’ve heard, what are your questions? Post below…