How To Get Email Alerts For What You Want…

We just installed a brand new function at Now, whenever you want to be alerted to a new listing with something you’re interested in, simply check off the categories you want, and you’ll receive an email each time a member lists an item in those categories. Here’s how it works…


  1. Log into your USER DASHBOARD
  2. Click on Email Alerts
  3. Enable – check the box
  4. Select which categories… ALL or individual categories
  5. Save

That’s it!

email alerts

I’ve mentioned before that it can become a real pain in the neck when getting an email alert for everything. I can promise that will happen as the site members grow. Select what you want an alert for and you’ll be reminded when the listing is live.

I’ve also noticed that this blog is becoming more popular so if you want, go ahead and forward it to outside members. I’ve included a signup form below and I’ll continue doing this on future blogs.

Next up on Woodwholesaler… we’ve begun our SEO campaign so you should now start to see more and more things on Google and other directories as we move forward. Thank you current members for being great. I appreciate your words and suggestions more than you know. Let’s now take this to the next level everyone!


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