Wood Products for a Variety of Needs

Woodwholesaler offers a wide variety of bulk or high-volume industrial-grade lumber products.  From plywood and OSB to banding groove, and cut dimensional lumber to pallet cut stock and stringers, we’ve got you covered.

High Volume Industrial Wood Products for Business and Manufacturers

Woodwholesaler produces thousands of different wood products, using both softwoods and hardwoods, including wholesale dimensional lumber, banding groove, panels, dunnage, and pallet lumber. We even offer ISPM15 or heat-treated lumber options for exporting products outside of the United States. Our lumber traders are constantly busy on the phone searching for great buys from our partner sawmills to bring you the industrial wood products you need. We also maintain contracts with North America’s largest softwood producers so that you can leverage our buying power to find the best deal.

Wholesale Lumber & Panels

Woodwholesaler maintains contracts with North America’s largest lumber producers, so that you can leverage our buying power for the best deals possible.  That’s why so many manufacturers choose us as their high-volume wholesale lumber supplier.

Bulk Lumber & Panels

We offer SPF, SYP, hardwoods, and panels, as well as export compliant bulk lumber in the custom dimensions you need, including dimensional lumber cut to precise sizes, banding groove, blocking, dunnage, plywood, OSB, and more.

Pallet Lumber and Wholesale Pallet Cut Stock

We’ve been supplying pallet manufacturers & recyclers with pallet lumber, deck boards, and notched stringers for 40+ years. Pre-cut stock can slash lead times, increase efficiency, and simplify your process.

Industrial Hardwood Products

We have an extensive list of hardwood mills that we’ve built and maintained strong partnerships with over the years. Hardwoods are often difficult to obtain when supply is tight and demand is high, but we’ve got you covered.

Export Lumber

Packaging for export comes with its own set of unique challenges to meet export compliance rules. We not only design and cut the lumber, but we’re certified to provide an ISPM-15 or Heat Treated stamp to each piece of lumber as required.

Banding Groove Lumber

Most unit loads are secured with banding or strapping and banding groove helps protect the top of the unit load from the damage due to tension on the strapping.  It also provides clearance for the forklift tines on the bottom of the unit load.

Efficiency, Cost-Benefits, and Simplicity

Whether you’re working to overcome a specific challenge with your current supplier, or you’re just looking for more information on specific products that will meet your current industrial wood products need, we’re happy to help. Not only do we have heavy-duty industrial sawing capability that allows us to cut large volumes of material efficiently and economically for custom wood applications, such as stringers or banding groove, but we can also ship industrial wood products mill direct. Woodwholesaler operates from multiple plant locations throughout the United States, which mean we have redundancies and backup locations in place to make sure we can always meet our customer obligations if there is ever a local emergency or problem. You can count on us to get the industrial wood products you need.