It’s Magic!

Yesterday and today, I posted a couple of new listings using the “request quote” selection. Just like magic, after I created my listings and posted them on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and LINKEDIN using the easy social media buttons, I got lots of responses.

You can do this just as easily! If you’re not sure how to list and then post to social media accounts, make sure you watch the tutorials and learn how simple it is.

There’s always a learning curve to anything you do. You’ll see within thirty minutes how easy you can list five, ten, twenty listings of products you own or what you’re currently needing to buy. These listings will give you exposure to your circle like never before. Especially once you start to add more details like images and videos. Or, if you really want to get into it, you can post entire .xml spreadsheets of your inventory in your listings. This is great for companies that carry lots of inventory and are changing on a daily schedule.

You can add your email and phone number and start having new people contacting you from places you’ve never sold. Companies that you may have been trying to connect with may now connect with you because they see what type of business you have. I’ve had this already happen dozens of times because people are watching every post that gets placed on LinkedIn.

I’m thinking of trying a new feature that will give your company an even easier option. If you would like for our company to post your inventory and products for you, would that be of interest? If so, let me know and we can discuss this and see if it’s worth while putting this function in? Send me an email at and we can explore the idea more.