• December 7, 2021 8:23 pm
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The UV laser marking portable phone charger and earbuds data line

5 sets of UV lasers for ABS plastic shell data cable engraving LOGO

Marking phone chargers & cables, select UV laser with long life

Ultraviolet laser can engrave LOGO trademark, text, QR code, pattern, serial number, serial number, symbol, garbled number in ABS plastic shell and data cable shell. It has the characteristic of fast engraving speed, high production efficiency, long service life and simple operation, zero consumables, free modification of patterns and text, labor saving, full environmental protection. In addition, it engraving characters and patterns have the advantages of long-lasting color and no falling off.

On Friday, I received a call from Manager Ma, appointing to purchase 5 UV lasers to replace the old lasers, which are mainly used to engrave LOGO on ABS plastic shells and data cable shells. Here, thank you again for your support and recognition of RFH.

Currently, ultraviolet lasers are the main equipment in the data line marking processing market. The nanosecond ultraviolet laser supplied by RFH Company is one of the high-end marking equipment.

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