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Step 1

Create Your Membership & Sign In

Once registered, your company will become a part of the fastest growing community of North American Forest companies on-line. As long as you’re a legal company in Canada, the United States or Mexico, you’ll now be able to build relationships with other members and do business faster than ever before.

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Your company must be registered in either CANADA, USA, or MEXICO.

Create A Listing of Your Company

We recommend you make your first listing about your company and yourself. Place this listing in the category that best describes your company. (Sawmill, Wholesaler, Freight, etc. Upload your logo and contact information. Place your address on the map and write a short description of your products that you buy, sell or service.

Step 2

Add Listings Of Your Offers & Requests For Quotes

You can add as much or as little detail to your listings. Upload videos & images. If you choose, you can place the location of your product on the map. You can even just name the city if you don’t want to give away it’s exact location. Include or email & phone or let members contact you by the mini form on each listing.

Promote Your Listings On Social Media Sites

After you finish listing your product or service, click on one of the icons at the bottom of the listing. This will take you to your social media site. Then you can post your listing to your contacts and friends in these social platforms. You can also send your listing to your email so you can forward it specifically to a prospect or potential client!

Step 3

Search For Other Members or Categories

One of the most powerful things about WOODWHOLESALER.COM is the searchbar. If you want to find a specific company or person, simply enter their name in the search box. Or perhaps you want to find a specific dimension or grade or species? This will help you quickly find whatever you’re searching for.

Spread The Word

We’re a brand new platform and the best way to get the word out is counting on our members to spread the word. Please let your circle of business know about us. The more members that join WoodWholesaler.com the better it is for all of this. We’re looking for professional businesses of all types that are part of the forest industry. That includes sawmills, secondary mills, wholesalers and any other companies that specialize in wood. (Hardwood, softwood, cedar, panels, logs, etc.). We also include associate companies like logistics, specialized organizations and  services. If it helps the Forestry Market in North America in anyway, you’re welcome to join.

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