New* Request Quotes at WoodWholesaler

A few of our members have been requesting a function to REQUEST QUOTES at WoodWholesaler. I thought about it and yes, it’s pretty necessary since we as lumber wholesalers are probably sourcing products as much as we’re selling them.

Here’s how to do this. When you create a new listing, a mandatory field will now ask if the listing is an “Offer or Request For Quote?”. You simply click on the radial button of which ever it is and that’s it. A suggestion for extra effect, I would include something in the title of your listing that would suggest you’re looking for a supplier or quote.

An example of this would be like something I personally listed today… “Looking For A Supplier: 4×6-8′-12′ #2&BTR GDF”. That way, if someone is just browsing and not looking at details, they will know that you’re not selling this item and make the mistake of requesting a quote from you about this item!

Also, if you’re wanting to find all of the members that are listing REQUESTS FOR QUOTES, go to the SEARCH LISTINGS in the right sidebar and scroll down to Offer or Request For Quote?. Select Request For Quote and then click on the SEARCH LISTINGS button… this will bring up every listing that is looking for REQUESTS FOR QUOTES.

You can also use the right sidebar SEARCH LISTINGS for other specific things like specific categories.. ie. if you want to find all of the softwood listings then you would simply use the dropdown in the “Select A Category”. If you want to narrow down your search, you would select both the softwood selection and the Request for Quote radial button. This would then show only listings that are softwood AND that are requesting quotes.

I hope this makes things easier for you now!